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7-17-19 Outdoor Cannabis Grow Michigan Recreational

Update of the garden with 3rd cages up and replacement plants in pots…


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  1. Do you know if they have to be growing in a locked and enclosed area under the new laws, or is just not being visible from anywhere else good enough? Nice plants though!!!

  2. Man if you don't mind me asking, where can i get good seeds. I done lost over 800.00 trying to get seeds through supposedly legit seed co. I'm on disability, due to cancer, I need it for meds, don't want to do the opiates. Or if you got some you would let me donate to you for. I'm not one of these bullshitters out here trying to hustle some free beans. I just can't afford to get ripped off anymore. If you can help me , it be greatly appriciated, if not, that's cool, love your vids. Peace. badams121263@gmail .com Thank you ,and blessings to you and your garden.

  3. Yeah I'm from California been growing for about 15 years mostly enjoyed growing outdoor / indoor but indoor was fun too foot pulled out last year 2018 rest in peace to cannabis in California for Most residence

  4. The way I did mine is I dug big holes to yards each at least maybe three yards each each hole with a board frame around it painted green o they last a very long time way to go man

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