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8-7-19 Outdoor Cannabis Grow Michigan Recreational update

Transition period, new cages on


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  1. Nice! Looking good! Flower is Flower! When the plant makes a change, that’s flower… that would be like saying the plant isn’t in stretch until it finishes stretching, when it starts, it’s in stretch… slice it, dice it, cut it up however… lol, that woman is in prepregnancy, just a little pregnant, not fully pregnant yet…

  2. I pulled my first outdoor plant to flower outside. It was just to early and did not chance pollination of indoor. that was almost 3 to 4 weeks ago. now the others are starting here in Michigan. Outdoor is magic. Happy growing.

  3. Good info bro. Determining flower outdoors seems to be a huge issue for most people this season. I bet in croptober everyone will be absolutely positive they are in flower. Cheerz your plants are beasts

  4. Beautiful plants. MY friend .. Those things are monstrous… Hell ya… Nice job.. It's a little more complicated Outdoors sumtimes… Lott more stuff can happento the gals outside. .. That's big for a clone man…

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