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Adult Use Microbusiness License in Michigan | Cannabis Legal Group | Episode 81

Barton Morris and Jennifer Domingue, from the Cannabis Legal Group, cover the ins and outs of what you need to know about an adult use microbusiness license in Michigan.
The Cannabis Legal Group is the premier Cannabis Law Firm in Michigan. The Cannabis Legal Group is comprised of lawyers who specialize in cannabis-related legal issues with experience in established markets such as Oregon and Colorado. The group serves marijuana-related businesses with issues including regulatory compliance, land use, zoning, raising capital, and licensing. They also provide individuals counseling on caregiving compliance and aggressive criminal defense. Led by award-winning attorney Barton Morris, Michigan’s only American Chemical Society’s designated Forensic Lawyer-Scientist, the Cannabis Legal Group is the premier cannabis law firm in Metro Detroit. Science is a fundamental issue in all things related to marijuana, and it is a major reason why the group is the Face of Cannabis Law. The Cannabis Legal Group will provide the counsel and guidance necessary for long-term security and success in the fast changing cannabis marketplace.


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  1. Im the 1st one too watch. 1. How do i get the buisness license. ARIZONA?? Do i have to live in a recreational friendly stay or can I grow in my home state of Arizona where only medical cannabis is legal

  2. This is The Episode I have been watching for. Thank you, for what you do. Thank you for giving All of the information that you can/do.
    I feel, the micro business model Should be Helpful to those with lesser means, as a start. Liquid start-up, should be rather low…
    To do a 'craft product' … requires more everything, to "specialize"

  3. I have a question. If I grow medical as a caregiver is my wife allowed to grow for recreational use she doesnt have a medical card. If so how does that work will have to be separated or can it be done in the same area?

  4. I'm Already in the "craft production area" of grow, extract, etc….
    This makes much sense to me… We have Breweries in my area, why not a "Marijuana Cafe" …. I DO like the Sound of this more and more…

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