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Governor candidates on legal marijuana in Michigan

We asked Gretchen Whitmer, Bill Schuette and Bill Gelineau what regulations they would put in place as governor if recreational…

Scary Michigan Medical Marijuana Update

UPDATED DESCRIPTION: Here is an interactive map that is supposed to depict all of the Licensed Medical Marijuana Facilities in…

This is how legal marijuana changed Colorado and could change Michigan

Six years since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, we traveled there to find out what’s changed.…

First licenses medical marijuana retail sale in Michigan

Joseph Kakos, manager of Healing Tree Wellness Center in Detroit, sells a ceremonial first gram of licensed medical marijuana to…

Michigan mom against marijuana

Karen Mother of Three opposed to recreational marijuana legalization. Vote NO on Proposal 18-1 Learn more at Source

Snoop Dogg on Michigan marijuana proposal

While in Detroit to talk about his new gospel music, Snoop Dogg spoke with 7 Action News about Michigan’s marijuana…

Will you vote to legalize marijuana in Michigan?

We asked Michigan voters their thoughts on the upcoming ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan. Source

Michigan recreational marijuana vote and your job

Michigan recreational marijuana vote and your job Source

Michigan police departments prepare for marijuana legalization

There are a lot of questions about how police will regulate and enforce laws dealing with marijuana. Source

Marijuana business owner discusses industry changes in Michigan

Jevin Weyenberg, owner of Lake Effect medical marijuana provision center talks about the changes to the marijuana industry and the…

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