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Driving while high on marijuana in Michigan

Driving while high on marijuana in Michigan


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  1. Umm, AAA who asked you? You charge a ridiculous amount of money for insurance and now a study for 14.8 million people showing that we need to expedite Dre officers. Does this mean we should keep you around to charge us more for the study? Can you do a study on how much you gauge people in insurance and how it impacts your credit score and how your credit score determines how much you pay for insurance? So a study on the high price of insurance AAA!

  2. I want to no_ #AAA to look in to, and find out if #channel 7 the mainstream media Detroit, really doesn't tell the truth, on what's going on, you think if they start #smoking marijuana? they could have real truth and real investigation, smoking marijuana set you free. They would have to tell the truth. or were they just be considered #mockingbird media like #Michigan live.?????.).(1).

  3. (2) insurance company, made the check on public transportation, because a lot of these #fellows ,smoke grass smells, like skunks weed's,,,,; the cheap crap but it against the law, to smoke in anything on public transportation. new public transportation vehicles, with no windows, capable of opening them, it's a great bus they were built in California, #sanctuary state, a great opportunity for the #5,200 illegal aliens came across the border: now have came down with was it #Tuberculosis or #Hepatitis something really #contagious but the mainstream media in Detroit did not even mention it.?????.).

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