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Hello. Please feel free to share this widely :) — SEEKING PARTICIPANTS FOR RES

Hello. Please feel free to share this widely 🙂


Are you a current MMMP patient living in southwest Michigan?

Then I have an opportunity for you to participate in focus group research!

My name is Matt Reid and I am sociology graduate student at Western Michigan University (WMU) as well as a cannabis patient myself. I am conducting my doctoral dissertation research with other medical cannabis patients and need 24 participants in the months of June & July 2019.

Your participation in this study is valued regardless of your qualifying condition in Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP).

*What will you be asked to do?*
Attend a 1-2 hour focus group that will meet in the Kalamazoo area. This group will be comprised of 4-7 other patients along with a facilitator who is also a registered patient. You will be asked to share your thoughts and experiences on a range of topics pertaining to medical and recreational cannabis. Audio from the group will be recorded so the researcher can transcribe this into text for future analysis. Your identity will not be disclosed in the transcript, analysis, or any published reports. You will also be asked to complete 2 brief surveys.

You will receive a $25 gift card for your time in the focus group!

*Interested in participating?*
The first step is to complete a 17-question survey available at:


You may also email the student investigator (matt.reid@wmich.edu) and he will send you a link to this survey.

Your responses to this survey are confidential and your information will not be used if you do not participate in a focus group. Eligible respondents will be contacted by email with more information on focus group dates, times, and locations.

Your participation in this research will not impact your status as a patient or your ability to access medicine.

Questions? Please call Matt Reid at 609-312-6798 or email matt.reid@wmich.edu

WMU IRB Project Number: 19-05-03


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