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Holistic Health in Wayne, Michigan – Dispensary Showcase

Conveniently located near the Detroit Metropolitan airport, this welcoming dispensary carries over 700 products, including wax, edibles, flower, and everything in between. The compassionate budtenders at this Wayne, Michigan dispensary are committed to treating each of their patients with patience, empathy, and respect. Thankfully, personalized care doesn’t come with a steep price tag—Holistic Health’s daily deals, weekly giveaways, and monthly promotions keep their already-reasonable prices nice and low.

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.


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  1. I'm not located in Michigan, but, due to complications after neurosurgery to resect a cancer, I use this medicine to help manage pain, and aid in falling asleep. It's very effective in both those areas, when used correctly. I'm not a doctor, or anything, however, as a patient, speaking from experience, this is a very effective medicine to help manage pain, aid in sleep, as well as stimulate appetite. Great video, and a good education to potential patients.

  2. i love weed but, but u guys think its legit think its medicine, and make up a shitty excuse like saying “oh i can sleep without it” when we all know it because u love the high… and yea ik weed can help ppl with cancer, epilepsy and other serious shit but the vast majority of ppl and u only do cuz of the high and say its ur medicine

  3. Can you please show the Awsome dispensarys in north Michigan and not just the Detroit area? Grand Rapids and Traverse City and Gaylord have (or had if you have been following the stupid thats been going on with medical dispensary laws)great dispensarys!

  4. im sitting here screaming : WHEN WILL IT BE LEGAL?? those dispensaries are soo beautiful and it is so great to see people can get help where they couldnt with basic pills/injections… come on Canada

  5. My place of choice! Great staff (Kieth), great selection (kind a overwhelming) and great products. Praying they stay open with all the changes in the state laws and the Feds. Thank you HHW for helping me with my medical problems, the stuff does work!

  6. Sure do wish I could try something for my pain I'm going krazy… fractured ankle….nerve damage…With 2 terrible surgeries…. I live on the wrong side of the state line. …imagine that just my luck… 45 years old and can barely walk anyone with a plan please feel free to contact me…. I hate the pain pills.. Thanks

  7. in MICHIGAN
    The new age form of regulated prohibition.
    I'm all about (decriminalization), release of all past possessors.
    fully legalize hemp farming. or make cannabis fully legalized like a tomato without government regulations/over sight.
    clearly less dangerous than alcohol, but should be a personal informed choice till age 25 for the brain to fully develop first, mine didn't durrrrrr…….
    if it was legal alot of the appeal would be gone. look at Portugal on full legalization of all drugs and use dropped and money went to clinics to help people administer the drugs safely and try to persuade them to get clean instead of jail a non-profit. I want coca tea!… lol

    this is going to ruin it for small farmers or become phased out. it takes it out of the hands of the people(many) and into the hands of a few.
    goodbye passion and compassion, hello greed and neglect/impersonable care.

    this is for mega corporations like Bayer-Monsanto(Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agricultural) to get involved and who knows how they'll taint it, (crazy, but could be their greatest depopulation tool or to keep us distracted). Bet your sweet ass it's coming.
    banksters to invest in. ones who can just drop a mil to set up shop.

    look at the small Agro farmers over the decades, they get subsidized by the government to grow mono toxic GE crops and they don't even eat what they grow. they have been squeezed out…. a big mac would actually cost $13 bucks without the subsidies. poverty doesn't happen, its by design!
    (watch "in search of balance" on Netflix) watch Joel Salatin about food freedom.

    I like the current medicinal system, yes it has flaws that can be improved, what doesn't. you can actually provide one on one care for your sick/dying patient/'s.
    (only problem i see currently is uneducated people getting in using what ever they want on it and making bad medicine, just for the love of the money and getting buzzed, giving it a bad wrap), dispensaries don't test for everything, but that goes back to "know your farmer"!
    what i don't like is the gray areas that exist currently and dispensaries were never(legal) official state law.
    also people get random friends/patients, pay for their cards just to fill the spots to get the 5+yourself x12 plants=72 plant limit and just sell the (illegal) excess cured weight (over 1lb labeled curing loophole) to dispensaries(Middleman) for cheap.
    yeah i get it, to get started, but then get actual real patients and make a difference, for the cause, giving it a good wrap and the respect the plant and sick deserve.

    who wants to pay 16% tax on top of the donation already?
    It's not like the grower isn't already liable to pay Fed & State tax on yearly earnings and into social security doubled/matched for self employment!
    I'm not sure how it works, if dispensaries pay sales tax and just include it in the donation price or if they are non-profits.
    (off topic- but did you know Facebook is a non-profit? just learned about it, shocker)

    I do think we need a higher plant license tho, like Canada or better yet up the patient limit or even make it tiers that you progress through so you can actually make a decent living.

    why all the different specializations certifications, regulations, inspectors, extra taxes?
    Its going to raise tax's/expenses on growers/production across the board many times over.
    county governments already get to decide if they want it or not.
    i thought testing was already done, should be a cert to look for and again "know your farmer", it is your personal responsibility to find out what goes into your body, not a created security sector(FDA,USDuhhh)!

    only pro i see is the hemp legalization!
    i don't hear a benefit. cons defiantly out weigh the pros and i already get all those benefits. once this happens, we probably cant roll back. Only if their was a true free market.

    Let our state be different !!!! Make a counter offer!
    i dunno but I'm voting NO unless convinced otherwise!

  8. Stay away from this place.None of the people you see in the video work there anymore. No loyalty to customers, high prices for low quality. Owners even keep the tips left for the budtenders. Along with no handicap access. Though it would not matter as there are 2 flights of stairs.

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