How the vocal anti-marijuana minority is sabotaging legal cannabis

On the eve of November 7, while the majority of Michigan voters celebrated the passage of Proposal 1 — the initiative to legalize adult-use marijuana — a dejected Scott Greenlee, the president of anti-cannabis organization Healthy and Productive Michigan, stood behind a podium and told his supporters via Facebook Live that their campaign against cannabis had failed. That they had lost, writes Andrew Memtook.

Yet he made it clear that his organization, which takes financial support from anti-weed holdout Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), would not give up on their fight. Even after a state legalizes cannabis, he impressed, the political, albeit antiquated, war on weed rages on. 

As marijuana legalization sweeps the nation, Greenlee and his colleagues may seem like a losing minority, swimming upstream against the rapids. But if cannabis activists and business investors don’t remain vigilant and prepared for those like Greenlee, they will find out the hard way…

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