Marijuana, hemp, CBD oil: Which of these is legal and where in the U.S.?

Despite all the breakthrough in medicine and numerous scientific evidence that cannabis has vast potential in curing various disease, the US laws are still baffling and do not allow all cannabis-related products to be produced or consumed freely. Bearing in mind the recent discussions, approvals and prohibitions, it is no wonder one can get rather confused about what is legal and what can get you in jail. For this reason, let’s demystify the rules about marijuana, hemp, and CBD oil.

Let’s start with the good news first. In December 2018, president Trump has finally signed the agriculture bill which has made hemp production legal in all states. Hemp is actually the stem of the plant and has plenty of industrial purposes. Traditionally, its fibers have been used for making textiles, paper, and other products. Still, the legalization of hemp on the federal level has one huge possibility, and that is the opportunity of…

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