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Michigan voters legalize recreational marijuana

Supporters at the party for Proposal 1 to legalize recreational marijuana celebrate at a party in Lansing.


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  1. This makes me want to rent out a hotel room in Michigan so I can safely, discreetly and legally eat marijuana edibles. Indiana won't even tolerate medical marijuana, let alone recreational. Smoking it is out of the question since that requires a private residence.

  2. I'm against this legalization…people still drive while being stoned and cause accidents and they wonder why…guess what…getting stoned isn't as hype as y'all thought it would be…why do you think y'all get arrested while under the influence…it never should have became legal to begin with…now I understand when they say the world will end…this is why

  3. Nice move. One step closer to freedom. I don't believe a society is free if "planting regulations" exist. That's a weird brand of HOA Fascism you got there, America. Cannabis regulations and enforcement are a lasting legacy of murder, theft, and oppression in America.

  4. So your allowed up to 12 plants in your home & 2.5 OZs on your person. And or up to 10 OZs in your home in a lock box. I don't know what kind of plants your growing but if I were to have 12 plants growing I'm going to have more than 10 OZs in my home. Does the state not see that. That's more like pounds

  5. This is awesome! I don't like smoking marijuana personally I always get paranoid lol but it's not bad for others who enjoy it. I drink alcohol which is actually bad for u and I smoke cigarettes, also bad for u. Weed is not bad for u at all never understood why it's so frowned on.

  6. Omg I can finally start living my life again. Moved to Michigan over a year ago from California so I lost literally all my connects. I have major social anxiety issues so just the thought of even trying to go into a doctor and ask for a med card makes my anxiety levels shoot through the roof. So knowing that I can now be able to smoke and not have to explain myself or defend myself makes me so happy. Even if they're saying it may take up to a year or so for the first rec dispensaries to set up shop and get the permits to sell and what not, just knowing that the ball is rolling and steps are being taken towards that makes me so hopeful.

  7. Legalizing weed is easy money for the pigs when they can pull over anyone at any point in time and almost guarantee a DUI charge because of how long THC stays in your system even though the "high" wears off after only 30 minutes.

  8. Ohio Still gets screwed over when it comes to this. Still Have to wait 2019 to try again. Hopefully no one has to get a long 5 to 10 year prison sentence before then…But If you have cancer and a weed card go for it!! lol

  9. It is my prayer that when you come into Michigan to buy drug, that you will be immediately arrested upon leaving the state of Michigan by State Police for crossing state lines with illegal contraband..

  10. Wonder whats going to happen when crack and heroin addicts start to lobby for legalization. Slippery slopes and stupidity. In 50 yrs america will be a 2nd world country. All this crap just because they see $ trade morality for $ and you will see this nation began to fall swiftly

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