Ranked: Here’s how much your State will spend on recreational cannabis in 2019

Perhaps it’s appropriate that marijuana is green, because the “green rush” is rapidly turning into a big-money business. Last year, according to the newest State of the Legal Cannabis Markets report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, licensed-store sales topped $10 billion globally for the first time in history, and worldwide revenue for licensed sales could grow at slightly more than 24% a year through 2024.

But even though cannabis is thriving in more countries than ever, it’s the United States that is perched atop all others. Although estimates vary wildly, it’s believed that the U.S could represent anywhere from a third to up to three-quarters of total licensed-store marijuana spending each year. That makes it the market investors should really be eyeing.

Which states will sell the most recreational marijuana in 2019?

Thankfully, Arcview and BDS have done the legwork for investors and laid out projections on medical and recreational sales…

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