These 3 States will begin selling recreational pot fairly soon

Pardon the cliche, but the marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. Even though cannabis sales have existed behind the scenes for decades, we’re beginning to see the impact of how big a legalized marijuana industry could be. Last year, legal global sales sprouted to $10.9 billion, which more than tripled worldwide legal weed revenue from 2014. Looking ahead, sales could quadruple by the time 2024 rolls around.

Although the entire world is an opportunity for the cannabis industry, it’s the United States that happens to be the crown jewel. Despite estimates varying wildly on Wall Street, one constant is that the U.S. will run circles around other countries when it comes to total sales.

To date, 33 U.S. states have given the green light for physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to patients for select ailments. Additionally, 11 states have given the all-clear for recreational consumption, with eight states – Washington, Colorado,…

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