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WEED 101- |PROPOSAL 1| Michigan Legalizes Recreational marijuana| Pros/Cons| WHY POT SHOULD BE LEGAL

OK, yesterday was voting day and Michiganders took full advantage of their right to vote and This morning i log on to see the results and sure enough… PROPOSAL 1 PREVAILS, MARIJUANA BILL PASSES IN MICHIGAN!! Yes thats right. Finally!!!

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I’m the DIY vaping Queen. if your mixing somewhere else, then chances are your doing it way too complicated. Im Danelle, Brain fog vapes. I make my own homemade e-juice called brain fog!


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  1. I don't think walking down the street smoking is a wise choice. There are some rules and I believe one is no public consumption. Which means on the street. Just my view on it. I'm also in Michigan but have been a caregiver since 2010. I understand your excitement but you have to watch what you do yet. Drug tests at work places still a real thing.

  2. So glad your back. Greets from South Africa again. Just been legalized here …. nothing changed … we were all growing Already. ((( Hugs))) Sorry about your Mom. Make her proud like you do Girl Scout ! ;D

  3. Haha…Thats Awesome I live now in Wisconsin from New York and still impatiently waiting for this to be legalized here in WI…Just to get off these other prescriptions…Cheers Girl…

  4. Love your videos! This one was great cause I’m from Grand Rapids (Ganja Rapids) Michigan. My only criticism of the video; you won’t be legally able to smoke weed in public. That’s still a crime. But I’d happily come smoke you down on your porch as we flip off any kids or adults that look our way! Peace Bitches ✌️

  5. Man you still got that permanent nip slip tattoo or do you have a boob with weird nipple placement? If that’s not a weird placed nipple and it is a tattoo why don’t you get it removed? You don’t have to answer just smoked and thinking out loud.not trying to be s dick just really consumed by that thing on your boob… Ya weed!!!!!😁🌳🌳🌳🌳

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