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What's Really in Your Marijuana Vape Pen

Welcome to The Cannabis Therapy PotCast, your go to cannabis talk show! Today we’re going to talk about What’s Really In Your Weed Vape Pen!

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Starring: Earl Carruthers, Jen O’Dea
Written by: Earl Carruthers, Jen O’Dea, Tamara Bethel
Edited By: Jared Saigh, Jen O’Dea, Tamara Bethel

Cannabis Therapy PotCast Season 2 Episode 9: Cannabis 101_2: What’s Really In Your Weed Vape Pen

On today’s show, Earl and Jen are going to talk about what’s really in your weed vape pen. There’s been a lot of talk about vape pens in the news lately, so we decided to talk to you today about what’s really in your weed vape pen.

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Michigan closer to expunging low-level marijuana crimes, but it won’t be automatic :
Michigan dispensary swaps cannabis vape cartridges for e-cigs:
Prices rise in Michigan’s medical marijuana market as supply wanes:

Overregulation Drives Illegal Marijuana Market In Legal States, Study Suggests:
Federal Health Agencies Say Researchers Should Test Marijuana From Dispensaries:
New York requiring vaping warnings for medical cannabis stores:
Oregon Voters Could See Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs On 2020 Ballot:
Lung illness tied to vaping has killed 5 people as new case reports surge:
No major marijuana sales impact seen from vaping illness outbreak as MJ retailers focus on consumer education:

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