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You can legally smoke pot in Michigan in the next month: What you need to know

Michigan voters overwhelming favored the legalization of recreational marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can pull out a victory cigar… or blunt, just yet.


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  1. GROW YOUR OWN…weed shops don't grow top quality cannabis and trim all the crystals off..I lived in Michigan and was a Legal medical marijuana caregiver and grower.I did this from the beginning of the program Michigan started and move in 16 to a fully legal state.Im still medical because I can grow tons more plants than anyone else😁LEARN THE LAWS AND WORK AROUND THE LAWS TO YOUR BENEFIT.I have lawyers and no problems,everything is legal.

  2. For fucks sake. These bureaucrats are gonna do all they can to postpone licensing. I’m amazed that they can’t see the big picture. The tax revenue could boost our dying economy; at the very least fix our fucking roads.


  3. I wasn't aware anyone waited for permission. Most people who wanted to smoke pot already smoked pot. Colorado,Washington…everywhere people like pot,they've been smoking pot….for 100 + years…Oh,but you can still get arrested..? Fuck you

  4. How long until all these idiots realize the drug war is a losing fight ? All the cops in Michigan care about is going after MEDICAL marijuana! They claim it’s legal, you pay to get licensed, then they turn around and take everything you have. It’s even worse than heroin in their eyes. They do not care if your car is stolen, they don’t care about your children.
    People still being discriminated against, arrested and robbed of all of their assets for selling medical marijuana, (which has been legal in Michigan for over 10 years..) & individuals who have small amounts of medical marijuana being robbed of their medicine, meanwhile there’s kids being sold heroin and dying everyday , not to mention all the kids who go missing and or/ forced into human trafficking and NOTHING is done because it would require them to actually DO THEIR JOB. There’s a broad range of different crimes that occur every single day and all they worry about is drugs. I have absolutely no respect for cops who abuse their authority, and nobody else should either. Give respect to get it, no matter what. Marijuana is the least of our issues in Michigan, especially the Detroit area. Get a god damn grip y’all. Many people would love to get justice for violent crimes committed against them and they’re never given the justice they deserve because all you people care about is putting everyone in jail for a harmless plant. Damn shame.

  5. "Legal" until you have more than the masters allow us.. Better than nothing, but if it was legal there wouldnt be all the restrictions like there is.

    Plus all the cities and townships that will not allow it in their limits, but will benefit from the tax dollars it brings in, BULLSHIT! The places that choose to opt out and go against the voters shouldnt receive a dime of those tax dollars.

  6. I almost died in jail for a misdemeanor pot charge. I was denied medical treatment. So there is no good argument to call weed bad. If the punishments for having it are worse that Using it.

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